How Big Is Las Vegas?

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How big is Las Vegas? That’s a question many ask when they plan a vacation to Las Vegas. The quick answer to this question is: it depends. Las Vegas, formally called the City of Las Vegas or commonly called simply, Las Vegas, is probably the world s largest and most popular destination for tourists, with a population of some 14 million people. Las Vegas is the site of countless gambling resorts, shows, restaurants, hotels, casinos, lavish nightclubs, luxury hotels, spas, and other attractions.

The location of the city is what makes it so special. It is in the mountains of Nevada, a place that is more or less separated into three sections: the glitzy Sin City, the low-key Old Town, and the old parts of the Strip. The Strip is where all the action is, but Las Vegas also has other great attractions such as the Grand Canyon, the Bellagio, the Venetian, and even Lake Mead.

There is no denying that Las Vegas was built on the backs of Sin City. This emanates from the hotels, shows, food and drink, etc. Las Vegas really is Sin City with a difference. Sin City is sinfully glamorous, has lots of sexy entertainers, shows and food and drink, casinos, and even some world-class attractions. Las Vegas on the other hand offers gambling, shows, food and drink, hotels and all the things you can think of, all within the same strip mall. So how big is Las Vegas really?

Some might say the answer is ‘very big indeed’. When most people think of Vegas they think of the bright lights, dazzling lights, multi-colored lights, and of course the Cirque du Soleil. The Cirque du Soleil is a famous circus show, which lets the audience walks through a ring of suspended dancers to get a view of their ‘petulant’ trainers. Each dancer gets a turn at beating the ring with a mallet or club shoe (called a ‘sabre’) and if they hit something they are showered with sparkling foam. This is just one example of how Las Vegas sets the standard for party and entertainment in the region.

The typical Vegas show features people on fire, people leaping out of large tents, fireworks, songs being shouted by cowboys and girls, fire breathing, dancing, and pyrotechnic shows. There really isn’t anything else that makes Las Vegas so unique. And this is just one example of how big is las Vegas compared to other cities with similar sized centers of attraction. Just think about how many times a person visits Las Vegas and how many times it’s mentioned in the popular press.

So what do these travelers who see Las Vegas everyday think about the city when they consider the question of, “How big is las Vegas?” Most of them are thinking along the lines of whether or not they’d like to go back, if they were given the chance. Many have actually been to Vegas just once, maybe more, but have seen all the excitement and the beautiful hotels, the crazy shows, and the food. While a person might not think that the Grand Canyon is worth a stop on their trip, most surely they’d want to see it and explore its wonders.

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