Three Phases of When Will Las Vegas Reopen

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The answer to when will Las Vegas reopen after the devastating hurricanes. The casino finally closed its doors on Monday, but that wasn’t the end of the bad news. There was another devastating tropical storm brewing in the Caribbean Sea and no one knows where the casino might open again. “We are monitoring the weather in the area,” admits Steve Davis, Executive Vice-President of Nevada Gaming Commission. “We’ll have an update with you later today.”

when will las vegas reopen

As soon as the casinos do re-open, they must go through their own security plans and follow all health and safety guidelines to prevent a new influx of tourists from sickening the tourists. With all this in mind, I’ve asked some prominent citizens in the city if the casinos will be open when there’s rain. The response was interesting. “We’ll have to wait and see,” said one wise old retiree.

“There’s been no impact on our operation, and we haven’t seen any inclement weather in the area,” he said. “So, we’ll have to see how things play out.” Is the threat of rain eliminating the problem? I don’t know, but that doesn’t mean the casinos won’t be back up and running when the mood takes them. In fact, I think it’s a good thing that the gaming authority, the Gaming and Raceway Authority, which handle the financial and legal aspects of the casinos has released a statement saying they are in the process of creating their own safety plans and operational controls for when the casinos will re-open. It’s too bad that the original control board allowed the casinos to go back on their own steam for a couple of weeks.

What they didn’t say is that this is nearly six months since the shooting at the Las Vegas Strip killed at least fifty people and wounded hundreds more. We know that problems with visitors and tourists are still ongoing. Hopefully the new security measures that have been implemented will solve many of the problems currently plaguing the tourists and visitors to the las Vegas casinos. I hear the sound of slot machines and roulette wheels at the entrance to the casino when the doors open in the morning and hear loud music in the night clubs when they close at night.

One of the problems the authority addressed was the increasing number of people that were failing to show up for their appointments. This is part of the reason why the hotels and casinos are having such a difficult time. The hotels are booked solid for the month of June. Unfortunately, that means that the slots and roulette wheels in the hotels are only running at half capacity most of the time. This is the second phase of when will las Vegas reopen June.

In the first phase of when will las Vegas reopen, the noise caused by the tourists will have to be diminished. There is some good news though. The city government realized that they needed to increase the police presence in the area of the hotels in order to deter the criminals that were destroying the reputation of the city. Hopefully they have succeeded in that, as there are rumors that some tourists have been beaten and even robbed in the parking lots of the hotels that are for-foreclosure.

The second phase of when will las Vegas reopen is the increase in hotel room revenues. People who are coming back from vacation or moving to las Vegas for the first time will need a place to stay and since the casinos are closed for the month of June there will not be enough rooms in the hotels to accommodate them all. That is one of the reasons why the authorities have made it very clear that they will be monitoring the traffic patterns during the opening festivities so there won’t be a lot of accidents.

The third and most important phase of when will las Vegas reopen is related to the social distancing that takes place. There will be no more hanging out in front of the casinos because everybody will want to go to the bars where the entertainment is. There will also be a lot more high-end shopping. It is believed that the closing of the casinos for a month will stimulate business in the surrounding areas and bring more money into the city. If this happens then the average income of the people living in Vegas will rise.