What Is the Weather in Las Vegas?

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what is the weather in las vegas

What Is the Weather in Las Vegas?

The question, “What is the weather in Las Vegas?” is one that many people ponder. The entire state of Nevada, from the high desert to the vibrant Las Vegas Strip, is known as an arid and rainy climate. But when spring and fall arrive, the temperatures warm up and the climate is far more pleasant. There are a few things that you can keep in mind when thinking about what is the weather in Las Vegas.

If you are going to be out and about in Las Vegas during the hot days of summer, the air temperature will be very warm due to the Gulf Stream pushing against the northwest mountains. The only drawback is that this heat can be very uncomfortable and even stifling if exposed for too long. Because of the heat, daytime temperatures often dip into the 50s Fahrenheit at times. Since daytime temperatures rarely, if ever, dip below freezing, it is important that you dress in layers so that you can control your body temperature. Your best bet would be to dress in layers – thicker clothing on top for added warmth, and then lighter items like t-shirts underneath.

The air temperature will cool dramatically on the reverse side of the day. On sunny days, you will typically find the temperature near 100 degrees Fahrenheit or slightly higher with a bit of humidity because of the clear skies. As evening clouds begin to form, temperatures will begin to drop as the air temperatures cool. Occasionally, thunderstorms can develop, especially early in the day, but since it is rare, the risk of thunderstorms is minimal. Be prepared for sudden showers, thunderstorms, and high winds.

As the day begins to wind down, high temperatures will begin to rise because of the warm, dry air. It is important to dress in layers so that you can control your body temperature. A light, loose-fitting shirt should be worn over a light sweater. During the evening, your shirt should be replaced by a medium-weight cotton shirt and chinos. Don’t wear wool, cotton, or silk because they will trap in heat and sweat.

Always be aware of the changing weather conditions at night. Watch the high temperatures on the thermometer and stay out of them if you want to stay warm. High humidity is always worse than a high temperature, so pay special attention to the high humidity reading. A dehumidifier is a must for hotels and other commercial buildings where there are large numbers of people.

In the daytime, temperatures can still reach very high temperatures. Even when the sun is shining, people should still be conscious of their surroundings. Always be aware that too much heat or too much cool can actually be harmful. For example, the sun’s rays can cause extreme sunburn.

Finally, if you have a long drive or do a lot of walking, what is the weather in Las Vegas? If you spend a lot of time outside, you could experience heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is characterized by dizziness, disorientation, headaches, and fatigue.

You might think that heat exhaustion will only occur during the summer months. However, heat exhaustion can strike any time of the year, especially during the holidays. It is not uncommon to experience heat exhaustion on Christmas Day, and it can happen even earlier during the holiday season. Knowing what is the weather in Las Vegas will help you avoid heat exhaustion as the season approaches.

Perhaps the most common sign of heat exhaustion is a pounding head and a dry, cracked mouth. Of course, these symptoms do not always point to heat exhaustion. Other conditions that may point to heat exhaustion are: flushed faces, shakier hair, oily hair, and nosebleeds. The nose can also runny and feel congested, which is a common symptom of heat exhaustion. It is important to drink plenty of fluids when experiencing these symptoms to try to get rid of the feeling of being overheated. In addition, drinking water in hot weather can help to cool the temperature down a bit.

Knowing what is the weather in Las Vegas is important for those who are planning trips to the city. While there are high temperatures all year-round, the heat can be much more intense at night. Many people will find that staying cool involves bringing a fan along with plenty of water. This can keep the temperature in the room cooler while everyone relaxes outside. Even those who stay in the casino can benefit from knowing what is the weather in Las Vegas by keeping track of the high and low temperatures that are expected.

Knowing what is the weather in Las Vegas can be beneficial for anyone who is going to visit the city. Knowing what is the weather in Las Vegas will keep tourists from becoming too concerned about staying cool. Many of the dangers associated with staying too long in high temperatures can be avoided by knowing what is the weather in Las Vegas. With plenty of open space and moderate climate, Las Vegas is one of the most attractive places to visit with an above average climate. However, if one suffers from heat exhaustion or other heat related illnesses, it is important to check out the weather before leaving home.