What to Do in Las Vegas With Kids

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What to do in Las Vegas with kids is a question that many parents have. With all of the casino gambling, concerts, and shows that occur here all year round, it can be hard to find quality time here for the family. Fortunately, with some careful planning, there are ways to have a wonderful time here with your children. Planning a trip with your children to Las Vegas can be a lot of fun because of all of the top entertainers and attractions here. Here are some ideas for what to do in Las Vegas with kids.

what to do in las vegas with kids

One of the most popular places to take the family is to visit the Venetian Casino. This is by far the world’s largest casino gambling facility. Not only does it have one of the biggest roller coasters around, it also has an amazing indoor water park. The water park is the top attraction here, even during the winter months when everyone is afraid that the water park will be closed forever. There are numerous shows that take place here at night as well, such as Cirque du Soleil, which is very popular with families and couples.

Also in central las Vegas is the Bellagio Fountains Park. Here you will find a huge fountain that overlooks the Strip. Here you will also find some great restaurants, a hotel with several restaurants, shops, and bars. This is definitely one of the best attractions in las Vegas for families, especially if you are planning a weekend here.

Another place that you might want to consider when you are thinking about what to do in las Vegas with kids is to take your family to Silver Sands Casino. This is the only casino in the entire city. The casino was built in 1974 and is one of the oldest in the entire world. It offers some fantastic dining opportunities, live entertainment, shows, and gambling opportunities for all ages. It has numerous shows each night and is well worth the trip.

Of course, you should take your kids to one of the outdoor venues in las Vegas. One of these is Acrobatics Ranch. This is a beautiful theme park with several interactive exhibits that your kids will thoroughly enjoy. There are plenty of shows, too, including Petting Zoo and the Barnyard animal show.

When you think about what to do in las Vegas with children, it is probably obvious to you that Las Vegas Hotels is the first place to come to mind. These hotels provide for the entire needs of a family. There are child care centers within the hotel that allow you to leave your children in the care of trained staff members. The hotel itself has many child-friendly amenities. There are pools, playgrounds, bike paths, horseback rides, and many other things for your children to enjoy. You can also take them to one of the many theme parks in las Vegas.

One of the newest hotels to open in las Vegas is the Venetian Resort and Spa. This hotel caters mainly to couples and families. It has five different locations, each with its own special theme. At each of these locations, you can dine al fresco, enjoy complimentary Spanish music and view shows, or you can relax by the pool and listen to the sounds of the Spanish music performed by live bands.

No matter what your desires are when it comes to what to do in las Vegas with kids, you will find a great choice of accommodations for your family to enjoy. These hotels are well-known for their child-friendly ambiances and activities. Your child’s experience in las Vegas will be a memorable one, no matter what type of hotel room they stay in. Many kids go back to Las Vegas over again because it has such a great selection of things for kids to do. Even if they don’t want to stay in a hotel for a night, they can still stay at one of the top hotels in las Vegas.